Is It Vegan?

Is It Vegan is a mobile tool for anyone interested
in eliminating animal products from their diet.   

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See how it works

Reading ingredient labels is complicated.

Even if you could read the tiny print on the label, do you know the difference between:
ergocalciferol, xylitol, and carminic acid?

You scan a product UPC code

Point your smartphone camera at a UPC code on a product package. (You don't even have to press a button!)

We analyze the ingredients

Our app will make sense of everything. (We know that ergocalciferol and xylitol are vegan but carminic acid is not.)

We answer the question: Is It Vegan?

You get a quick answer to the question "Is It Vegan?" along with an analysis of the ingredients list.

Simple answers.

Because you deserve to know where the food you're eating comes from.

Scan a UPC code

Point your camera at a UPC bar code.

Get an answer

Within a few seconds, an answer to: "Is It Vegan?"

View a detailed report

Scroll to see a detailed analysis of the ingredients.

Search for a product by name

Type in part of a product name to search.

Search for an ingredient

Quickly find that hard-to-spell ingredient.

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